MAN435 Case Study 2 Problems with John Essay example

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LGooding MAN 435 Case Study 2: Problems with John Dr. Schleckser 16 Feb 2014 Read Case Study 4.3 in your text. Then answer the questions. 1 As the team leader, you have weighed the pros and cons of the five options and prepare a presentation to management on how to address this problem. What do you suggest? As a team leader, my presentation to management would begin this way. Since this will probably not be an isolated case, much thought and consideration was given to this problem, and how it has and could affect the firm and all our employees. John has had a tenure with this firm for over 15 years, his experience and commitment have proven to be very valuable to the company. Unfortunately, in recent times, John's productivity has…show more content…
Also, I would inform management that I would suggest that John must be proactive, not the firm, in his search go back for his engineering degree or at least some certification classes which could benefit and communicate his increased value to the firm. Whatever option is taken will be documented. 1. Considering each of the options, and develop an argument to defend your position for each option. Do nothing – as a team leader and a personal friend of John, I believe I can convince him to make an adjustment in his productivity. I feel this is the best solution at the time, because of his prior contribution to the team, He is vitally important. To do anything else would increase the risk of project failure. Bypass company policy and promote John – after investigating the policies of our competitors and other firms, I have learned that they have come up with the conclusion that there are employees who lack the required degree in a specific field, yet have the expertise and experience. Due to their experience and expertise they have decided to implement strategies to promote personnel whose experience and expertise meet or exceed the requirement of a degree. John is an example of such an individual. My proposal is to promote John based on his value to the company and his 15 years of tenure. I believe his productivity will increase far beyond what we can imagine, and he will continue to be an asset to

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