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MANAGERIAL REPORT - Assignment 1: - Bangalore Textile Company : Bangalore textile company has in it’s a possession a plant capable of producing 6 types of suit materials . this production is currently realized by using a total of 40 machines divided in two categories , which are regular machines and super machines . the regular machines can only afford the manufacturing of materials types 1 ; 2 and 3 while the super machine are more flexible because they generate all 6 material types . knowing that there is 25 regular machines and 15 super machines in addition to a plant operating capacity of 24 hours a day for the 30 days of next month , the company is obliged to meet the customer demand requirements based on established forecasts…show more content…
in what concerns the material type 2 and 3 , the first has been entirely purchased whilst a certain quantity of the second was created by regular machines and the rest of the demand was purchased. - The Total profit can be computed by adding benefits extracted form each material : (4.4S1+4.4R1+1.95P1+4.2S2+4.2R2+2.15P2+4.7S3+4.7R3+ 2.35P3+5.5S4+2.6P4+5.7S5+2.75P5+6.05S6+2.9P6) The profitable projected contribution is reaching

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