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MANUFACTURING PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY, AND MANAGEMENT IN ENGINEERING Fullname Fairuz Nathania Putri Student ID 2513 100 155 I. Introduction Manufacturing is a term for making goods or services. Manufacturing involves certain activities that related to each other, such as: a. Product Design, b. Material Selection, c. Process Planning, d. Inventory Control, e. Quality Control, and f. Marketing. Manufacturing process is a process of making a raw material to be finished good or semi-finished good so that the materials will have added value. The product could be made by various ways, such as: a. Formation Process, b. Cutting Process, c. Correlated Process, d. Physical Treatment Process, and e. Final Process. The selection of the…show more content…
While, a company that doesn’t have a lot of machine require a lot of workers if the company want to make the product faster. c. The type of product that produced A make-to-order company doesn’t need a lot of workers, because the company will wait the order came first to start working. While a make-to-stock company, needs a lot of workers because the company will always produce the product even though there are no order came from the customers. Table 2.2.1 III. Development of Indonesia Manufacturing Industry According to the table that have been shown above, Indonesia is one of a country which have a lot of manufacturing industry employees, which make Indonesia has an extensive industrial area. Table 3.1 On table 3.1, shown that Indonesia has a large of variety in industrial. But according to the data, Indonesia has a large of employee in furniture company and metal processing company. Those large amount of employees indicates that Indonesia has a lot of furniture and metal processing company. With the large amount of company, each company must be more competitive than other manufacturing company. Some of the company must be a big company, but some of them are small company. Big companies have more advantages and more chance to compete with other company because it has the facilities needed, while small


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