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MASS MEDIA RESEARCH PROPOSAL FREEDOM OF INTERNET: A RESEARCH OF INTERNET USERS AMONG THE UiTM STUDENTS BY: MOHD AFIFI BIN ZAKARIA 2012447002 MC223S3A COMMUNICATION RESEARCH METHOD (COM533) DR. ZULKIFLI ABD. LATIFF Introduction of Research In this globalization era, the internet or the virtual world has becoming more complicated and has the potential by showing more effective platform of various collaborative activities which includes academic and education purposes. The intention and the desire regarding the uses of internet world are all about the uses of the internet. By doing this, it has led to the freedom of using the internet with the purpose of gaining information for various purpose that have arouse various of advantages and…show more content…
Megan (2008) also added that individual who did not have access to the internet may feel nervous, uncertainty, anxious and unoccupied. Megan (2008) also described that users who are non-dependent use the internet beneficially and resourceful tool for personal, business and communication aspect. We must also learn why the user depends too much on the internet. We must identify the reason behind this study. According to Kaye (1998), he identified that six possible motives for using the internet are entertainment, social, interaction, pass time, escape, information and website preference. College student have their own objective as been told by Ebersole (2000) who discovered that college student use the internet for research and reading, for easy access materials to get product information and technology support in order for them to access games and sexually explicit site to conduct consumer transaction. The uses and gratification theory seeks to understand the uses of which people seek media to fulfill certain gratifications (Baran and Doris, 2006) by identifying how people utilize the media to gratify their needs and desire. Research Methodology The goal of this research is to see the impacts of the freedom of the internet as the main issue. This research will conduct by using the quantitative method, which means that it requires variables that can be measured. The data will be obtained through survey method by distributing questionnaires to the UiTM
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