MAT222 Week 3 Paper

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Radical Formulas
MAT 222 Intermediate Algebra
Yelena Vaynberg
August 11, 2013

Radical Formulas
This week we learned about Radical Formulas and how this can be applied in our everyday lives. Radicals seem very complicated at first, but because we have learned so much already, it is just taking what we already know and apply it to the problem that we have been assigned. I have been asked to work a problem 103 and 104 on pages 605 and 606 of our math book Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. We are going to break out each step to show how we came to our answer. By breaking out our problems, we will have a better understanding of the solving radical formulas.
We will start working problem 103 on page
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For a boat with a displacement of d pounds and a sail area of A square feet S is determined by the function S = 16Ad-2/3. a) Find S to the nearest tenth for the Tartan 4100, which has a sail area of 810 square feet and a displacement of 23,245 pounds. b) Write d in terms of A and S .

Step one

Starting with our formula.
Step two

Here we have plugged in the values into our formula. When solving we do order of operations first and we will solve exponents first.
Step three

Complete the multiplication
Step four

This is our solution

Now we will solve the second part of the problem.
Step one

Step two

We will divide by 16A
Step three

Step four

Raise all the parts to the -3/2 power.
Step five

The (16A)3/2 has became the reciprocal to the 3/2 power
Step six

Here is the solution for d.

To conclude we showed how use the Radical Formulas in each problem that we were working. We broke out each step so that we would have a better time understanding how one would answer this question. We have shown our work in hopes that other will be able to follow these same steps to find their solutions. We now have a better understanding of the Radical Formulas.

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