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A. Brief Introduction
There are 50 credit customers who were selected for the data collection on five variables such as location, income, size, years, and credit balance. In order to understand more about their customer, AJ DAVIS must use graphical, numerical summary to be able to interpret and better expand their business in the future.
B. Discuss your 1st individual variable, using graphical, numerical summary and interpretation

A histogram shows the distribution of data within the Income. In this Histogram graph of Income, it shows that the graph is not symmetrical. This histogram graph has a wider bell shape form. The graph shows that this graph is more like two graph because there is a clear difference between income generating
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With the 95% Confidence Interval for Mean, Median, and St Dev are as described above.
This graph shows that the size of two people per household is much higher than others.
E. Discuss your 1st pairing of variables, using graphical, numerical summary and interpretation

Variable Location Count N N* CumN Percent CumPct Mean SE Mean TrMean
Income ($1,000) Rural 13 13 0 13 26 26 37.54 2.24 37.27 Suburban 15 15 0 28 30 56 47.27 3.91 47.31 Urban 22 22 0 50 44 100 50.18 2.98 50.15

Sum of
Variable Location StDev Variance CoefVar Sum Squares Minimum Q1
Income ($1,000) Rural 8.07 65.10 21.49

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