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Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS) holds responsibility for providing public safety information, prevention and protection programmes, whilst providing an emergency response cover for Mid and West Wales. The service employees over 1,400 members of staff who man 57 fire stations in total including a range of 5 whole-time stations which operates a shift pattern 24 hours a day. 11 Daily crewed stations in which case operate a daily shift pattern, combined with 39 retained fire stations where the dedicated on-call firefighters typically work elsewhere operate an availability crewing system by carrying a pager and will respond to emergency call-outs around their personal lives. The 2
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(Fire Service National Framework, 2012) The Framework sets out the Welsh Government’s vision and priorities for Fire Service Authorities (FRA’s) in Wales. It describes what the Welsh Government expects of the FRA’s and sets the FRA’s role in the context of the wider public sector. This Framework creates the foundation on which to build and promote innovative solutions, recognising expertise, sharing resources and enhancing capacity across FRAs and with the wider public sector. (Fire Service National Framework,…show more content…
The Authority's role is to deliver proactive preventative services; and reactive fire and rescue services to the people of Mid and West in an open, transparent and cost-effective way; acting in the best interests of Mid and West Wales and its citizens. (Constitution)
In discharging its role Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Authority seeks to act for the greater good of all its constituent authorities and their citizens, and in so doing places the collective wellbeing above individuals interests in accordance with the best principles of democratic local government. Strategic and political leadership is given by and discharged through Fire Authority and its various committees, panels and working groups which enable members to decide issues affecting the running of the Fire Authority in accordance with the principles of openness and democratic accountability.
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