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1. Case 3. THE DILEMMA: Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye.

1. Is there anything wrong with the manner the shortlist was prepared by Gloria?
2. What do you suggest regarding the preparation of the shortlist?

1. Based on the case presented, there is really a big mistake with the manner of choosing the applicants for interview done by Ms. Gloria Tadino. As a recruitment supervisor of the HRMO in the company, she is expected and it is a must for her to analyze and evaluate the resumes and applications of the applicants based on the standard set by the company. She must set aside her personal biases because the applicants she eliminated unfairly might be better than those she picked.

2. The company must be very careful, in the
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When the owner allows others to perform such tasks as hiring new employees or ordering supplies, this frees him/her up to spend more time on big-picture items, such as planning for expansion or meeting with important clients.

A situation may arise where the business owner must be away from the business for an extended period of time because of illness or other emergency reasons. Decentralization gives a better chance that the organization will maintain self-sufficiency because managers and employees are accustomed to working autonomously.

A decentralized organization is able to make decisions more quickly than one with a centralized structure. A manager often can make a decision without having to wait for it to go up a chain of command, allowing the organization to react quickly to situations where fast action can mean the difference between gaining and losing a customer.

For a growing business, decentralization can facilitate the process of expansion. For example, if expansion results in opening a new business unit in a different geographic area, decentralization allows the new unit to operate as an independent entity, meaning it can react more easily to the specific needs of the area, such as deciding to sell products that appeal to the local market.

3. Keeping Up with the IT

1. State Samuel’s main problem.
2. Discuss the area of consideration following the
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