MBA semester 1 assignments

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Get Answers of following Questions on www, Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 1 Winter 2013 MB0038 - Management Process and Organizational Behaviour Q1. What do you mean by Span of Control? Differentiate between narrow span of control and wide span of control. Describe the factors that influence the span of control. Q2. Define the term controlling. What are the pre-requisites of effective control? Q3. Define the term ‘personality’. Describe Cattell’s Personality Factor Model. Q4. Discuss the contemporary theories of motivation. Q5. What are the factors that affect group behaviour? Q6. Define the term ‘leadership’. Write a brief note on “Contingency Theories of Leadership” MB0039 –Business Communication…show more content…
MB0042 – Managerial Economics Answers available on Q1. “Most of the firms spend considerable amounts of money on advertisement”. Explain advertising elasticity of demand and its practical applications in this context. Q2. Explain production function in detail. Q3. Explain Marris’ Growth Maximisation Model in detail. Q4. Explain Price –output determination under monopoly. Q5. “Investment is the second important component of effective demand”. Explain investment function. Q6. Write short notes on: a) Monetary Policy b) Physical policy or direct controls MB0043 – Human Resource Management Answers available on Q1. What do you mean by Human Resource Management? Describe the functions of Human Resource Management. Q2. Give an overview of the Human Resource Management (HRM) in India. Explain the HRM challenges faced by HR Managers. Q3. What do you mean by HRIS? Explain the components of HRIS. Describe the different applications of HRIS in Human Resource Management. Q4. “Discipline in the broad sense means orderliness-the opposite of confusion.” What do you mean by Discipline? Explain the basic guidelines of a Disciplinary policy Q5. Suppose you have joined as an HR and you have been assigned a task to carry out the grievance handling procedure in your organization. What according to you are the causes of Grievance? Describe in detail the Grievance handling procedure Q6. Write
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