MCHS Class Reflection

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The MCHS class of 2017 started in school 13 years ago. At the start nothing seemed to particularly stand out about this class, but little did everyone know that this class would one day completely change Mariposa schooling. Now, I have been following this class for all 13 years of its school life and have observed and participated in many of the events that have happened. This class was the last class to go on the Fresno Zoo trip on Amtrak in second grade, the last class to get to go to the middle school, the first class to be shoved back into the elementary schools for eighth grade, and the last class to avoid common core (for some of us that is). I suppose that you could ask just why is this class known for such bad behavior when they’ve…show more content…
In the beginning I believe that the students and teachers meshed very well. For example, I know that I never even had a warning in any class until 2nd grade where I got my first, and only, yellow card. However, as time went on there seemed to be more and more conflicts between students and staff. You may be thinking, “no big deal, every class has it’s clowns” but no, this was worse. This class continued to decline in good behavior the closer it came to being out of school. In fourth grade it was the beginning of foul language because the kids were now on the big kid playground. In sixth grade some of the kids began to vandalize school science equipment. Then in seventh grade (the last year of the middle school) the disobedience took a turn for the worst and kids began acting out towards the school authority even more. For example, when one teacher was moved positions and their new replacement was brought in the students acted so bad and disrespectful that the new teacher quit only a few weeks in. In just this year alone there were many problems with fights, objects being thrown at students and teachers, countless spitwads being shot, and some teachers even being yelled at by students. One group of boys even vandalized the entire bathroom on the last day of school and completely ruined it. In eighth grade it was back to the elementary schools where the kids had only two teachers for all of their classes. Back at woodland elementary some kids cussed out teachers, some kids were sent into the office in large groups of five or more, some deliberately lost P.E. equipment of the school’s, and some did even worse acts that can’t be disclosed in this article. Adan Marquez states that the M.E.S. kids were “almost just as bad, but not quite because we didn’t have the right people or opportunity. Once we all reunited in high school though, it all
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