MCL Injury

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An MCL Injury is a sprain or tear to the medial collateral ligament. The MCl is a band of tissues on the inside of the knee. When your MCL is injured it takes on average 6 weeks to heal. The initial treatment for most grade 1,2,or 3 MCL tears focuses on reducing the pain and inflammation in the knee while immobilizing the knee to keep it stabilized. People tend to put knee braces on to help with relief of pain of an mcl sprain.
A grade 1 Mcl sprain is when ever it stretches less than 5 millimeters. A grade 2 sprain is where is stretches between 6 to 10 millimeters . A grade 3 stretches more than 10 millimeters. In grade one mcl injury the first week is for reducing swelling if there is any swelling. Make sure that the knee can be straighten
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