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Unit 3, Key Questions

Lesson 11

42.a) ii): equal to about half. There are 26 red cards out of a deck of 52 playing cards. Therefor the theoretical chance of drawing a red card is .

b) i): equal to about 1. The sun shines all year round, including the summer. Even though you may not be able to see the sun cause it’s hidden behind clouds it’s still shining.

c) iii): equal to about 0. When you roll two dice, it is impossible to roll a sum of 1. The lowest sum you can roll with two dice is 2.

43.a) When a coin is tossed 4 times there are 16 possible outcomes and one way to roll a heads 4 times in a row. Let A represent the probability of rolling 4 heads.

Therefor the probability of rolling a head four times is .

b) There are
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There are 28 total possibilities the two cards can be drawn

Therefor there is a probability that the cards drawn will equal a sum of 10.

b) Let A represent the probability that the sum of the numbers will be greater then 14

There are 16 outcomes that will have a sum greater then 14

or 0.571

There is a 57.1% chance that there will be a sum greater then 14

c) The drawing of the two cards from the 8 at random are mutually exclusive events. The drawing of one card has nothing to do with the drawing of the other card.

Key Questions Lesson 13

51.a) independent: the first roll will not affect the second roll and vice versa

b) dependent: not having the car serviced would probably make the car die faster than having the car regularly serviced. The life of the car will depend on the service

c)The first face card drawn in an independent event. However, the 2nd face card drawn is a dependent event because if one face card is already drawn the chance of drawing a second face card is lowered.

d) independent: a person’s height has nothing to do with the whether or not they can do math and vice versa

52. Let A represent first-year students that live in college dormitories
Let B represent graduation rate of first year college students

Therefor 0.3 or 30% of first year students will live in a dormitory and graduate college.

b) p’(A)=1-p(A) =1-0.40 =0.60

Therefor there is a 45% chance the students will not live in a

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