MEAL or Michigan Energy Alternatives Helps Millions of People

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Our company excels in education about energy efficiency, along with hands on improvements for your home or business. Our services include house and business energy audits; weatherization and expertise in building green. We also hold educational seminars, workshops and classroom presentations on topics such as forms of energy, recycling, and sustainability. Finally we are proud to host state and federally funded programs that offer assistances in energy efficiency to home owners. All this is possible with our state of the art demonstration centers located across the state. Since we opened our doors in 1987 as a local business in downtown Lansing, our company has made leaps and bounds in both decision- making and education about energy efficiency. In the beginning we consisted of five employees who each brought their own expertise which included, management, construction, biology, chemistry, and accounting. Today our team consists of 14 highly qualified people in our office. This growth was possible thanks to your hard working teams and our dedication. Here at MEAL our employees are family, and our own buildings shows their commitment.
Our main office in East Lansing is a restored Victorian 1900s house, it has…
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