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There’s no escaping it! We can’t run or hide from it because no matter where we go it’ll find us. We’re trapped! And the worst part of this scenario is that we’re addicted to it. Violence is everywhere and we all have an addiction for it. We’re exposed to it in everyday and we love to watch violence on television. There are many different representations of violence evident in movies and Television. Media violence can best be described in the words of Gerbner and Signorelli: “Most research studies have defined media violence as the depiction of overt physical action that hurts or kills or threatens to do so... It depicts social relationships that force to control, dominate, provoke, or annihilate. By demonstrating who can get away with…show more content…
It is evident that there is an effect that seeing violence, even if it is fake violence, that leads people to express themselves differently whether it is excitement, resent, or to be afraid of the scene (Berger 147). Here, I was inspired to create this part through a quote from Diane Brook’s article, Rape on Soaps: The Legal Angle. She stated that: “Perhaps it is not good to “scare” a woman into submission by visualizing the horrors of sexual violence, but it suggests reason to open discussion and face-to-face encounters with victims” (Fineman and McCluskey 117). Essentially this quote is commenting that the viewer is forced to see in the perspective of the victim or female regardless of their gender. Like TV programs I wanted the viewer to see this piece as through a different perspective in order to recognize the violence inflicted on women. The scenes in the bottom right corner are representations of rape. Rape is a common theme that is easily depicted on shows such as CSI and Criminal Minds. I had to represent this aspect in my drawing because not only am I against rape but the vast majority of scenes in television are often representing women being victimized. According to Brooks, rape that appears in soap operas or crime shows usually do not appear as an issue but rather it adds to melodramatise the situation (Fineman and McCluskey 109). She continues to state that: “It provides a required base of “realism” that is demanded by contemporary TV

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