MFAS: A Case Study

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DISCUSSION: The efficacy of using a MFAC electrical stimulation to the quadriceps muscles (rectus femoris and vastus medialis) to Mr. S with an incomplete spinal cord injury with quadriparesis at the C5 level may have played a key role to accelerate his progress towards improving his strength and functional abilities in performing sit to stand and locomotion or gait, and improve his skills in performing transfers. Special considerations were given during the intervention due to time constraints, risks of getting Mr. S fatigued before other treatment plans that were scheduled with Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. As observed with the use of weights, the first week started without any and progressively increased by one pound each…show more content…
The result of week three for the TMWT was not significant. This was perhaps due to Mr. S suffered a stomach virus for several days prior to testing and was weakened and not able to recover fully. His performance may perhaps be better if he did not get ill during this period. His performance for the Five-times-sit-to-stand test (FTSST) demonstrated a significant change week after week as shown in Figure 2, with a minimal detectable change (MDC) of over 17.5% or over 2.5 seconds for each week. And since an obvious increase in strength and ability based on the result during testing after the fourth week, a separate test was conducted without the use of his hands for support in the same chair. The result of this FTSST was recorded at 70 seconds. Now this was significant because he was not able to perform this activity since the onset of his
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