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Effects of Communication MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior Instructor: Michael Mcgivern April 20, 2013 Course Project Introduction: The organization that I chose is DeVry Inc. Specifically, I chose DeVry’s online student finance department because I am currently employed in this department. I started here as a Student Finance Consultant in July of 2012 and this is my first full time job after college. In my role, we assist student’s enrolling in courses and help plan how to fund their education. This job can be very satisfying yet frustrating at the same time. I feel that it is a great learning environment and overall, employee satisfaction is high. I feel that my…show more content…
For example, there were 8000 e-mails that were sent out to students that needed to submit documents. Although it was necessary for students to send in these documents, many of them had questions. There was not adequate phone coverage to be able to assist all students who had received an e-mail. Students become frustrated that they have to sit on hold for thirty minutes while waiting for an advisor and once connected to the advisor they may not receive as detailed information as they would prefer. In addition, advisors become frustrated with management that they were not informed of the messages that were relayed to students. “Things happen in organizations because people working individually and in groups make them happen; people make the difference" (Schermerhorn). This can be both positive and negative. The lack of communication happens because people neglect to put in the work to make a difference and improve communication. In addition, the lack of motivation from disgruntled employees causes lack of work as well. However, if these problems were resolved and increase satisfaction among employees it could create ambition for employees to make difference in how they perform their duties as well. I feel that there are improvements that can be made that can rectify the situation the Student Finance department is currently in. I feel that one of the most important changes needs to be in communication. The way that we

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