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Self-Reflection of Leadership Styles Leadership & Organizational Behavior: MGMT 591 – 13740 Professor Joseph Neptune January 19, 2014 Self-Reflection of Leadership Styles Life Styles Inventory (LSI) is a survey that “measures 12 specific styles of patterns of thinking that can either help or hinder a person from reaching his or her potential” (Human Synergistics). Human behavior is a perplex issue and is most often influenced by culture, religion, education, value systems, ethnic and other factors. Individuals often know what drives there particular styles but unless studied they may not know what their strengths and weaknesses actually are. The LSI survey identifies three specific styles of…show more content…
I definitely value my relationships with other people, often time I go above and beyond to improve and maintain relationships, and to ultimately cultivate win-win relationships personally and professionally. My professional relationships are all positive relationships, when disagreements arise, my style really helps because I am all about “teamwork” and my tactfulness creates a positive atmosphere no matter the situation. My back-up style is Achievement and the site describes that I “derive satisfaction from setting and being guided by your own goals, and may have a tendency to impose these goals on others, unthinkingly and without malice. To encourage achievement-oriented thinking, it is more effective to help others discover for themselves, as you have, the power of personal goal setting” (Human Synergistics). I am driven by results and goal-orientated, I believe that I should always strive for better, this is the exact reason that I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree. I also encourage others around me not to be complacent in life and to always strive for better in life. My limiting style of thinking was identified as Avoidance and I scored in the low range, the site states that “You probably prefer to confront things rather than avoid them. You may have many effective qualities, including a healthy sense of self-worth. You seldom experience significant doubt over your ability to deal with problems, and are usually not afraid to

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