MGT 101 Entire Business Project

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MGT 101 Business Project Company Choice and Problem Summary - 25 Points Choose a company that you would like to investigate. This company should be going through some sort of problems that can be investigated along the way through this project. Once you have selected a company for your business project, submit to your instructor for approval. If you are choosing a local company, you must make sure you have access to all the information needed to fulfill the requirements of this project. Everyone must choose a different company. You will be using a 5-step critical thinking problem-solving process, IDEAS, to work through any problems to determine a solution for this project and for any other problems you encounter. I – IDENTIFY the…show more content…
Explain the purpose of the business. Does the company operate on a profit or non-profit basis? Explain your answer with details. Re-examine the company’s mission statement. How does their mission statement exhibit this statement now and in the future? If not, why doesn’t it? Where is the business located and how many locations are there? B. Investigate and exhibit the evolution of business you selected by creating a timeline, concept map, video, or by writing about it. Select 2-3 major events throughout history that have changed business. Provide a chronological history of your business within the timeline, map, video, or write-up. C. Discuss how capitalism’s four basic rights are illustrated in the operations of this business. Private property rights Choice Ownership Competition What form of economic environment does this company operate (ex: monopolistic competition versus oligopoly, etc.) D. What role does the government play in the operations of the business? E. Describe the legal form of the business and indicate some of the advantages/disadvantages of the form. F. How has this business exhibited corporate citizenship and responsibility of business in society? Describe any “green” concepts the business might be using or plan on using in the future. Identify at least two ways that social responsibility can benefit consumers If you believe a company should “go green”, should a company spend more money communicating their
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