MGT 311 Week 4 Team Assignment

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The strategies your team of consultants will suggest to implement and communicate this planned change.
Riordan Manufacturing has decided to make a change to company’s customer management system. The company does not currently have any formal system for managing its customer information and has traditionally left this up to individual employees. This new system will require all employees to use one customer management system. Your team is now working to help Riordan implement this planned change. Your team must do the following in your role as consultants:

I) Section I: Change Management Plan
I. Identify the current formal and informal power structures in the organization. How might the power and political structure of the
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A method of doing this is setting goals that they are attainable, holding meetings to communicate this message to employees in a positive confident way.

VI. Recommend a strategy to implement the changes over the next 12 months.

i. Darla: To effectively motivate employees to change with the strategy implemented managers will benefit from using the authentic leadership method to gain employee trust and build overall confidence and morale in the different departments Riordan has. This strategy requires managers to be genuine with employees about who he or she is as a manager, encourage open communication, share information to keep employees on the same page, and lastly stick to the ideals and best interest of the company. Using this method is one way Riordan can implement a bureaucratic structure to the current informal customer information function.
VII. Describe how you will evaluate the success or failure of the planned change.

I) Section II: Communication Plan

I. Select the most appropriate channels to communicate the change to the employees, and explain why you selected these channels.
i. Electronic mail – This would be the first channel to communicate that a new change is coming into place. Electronic mail ensures that everyone who is affected will be reached. Additionally, electronic mails can be referenced in the future if any questions arise later. This channel

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