MGT 330 : Management for Organizations

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MGT 330 : Management for Organizations

My job description for Starbucks would encompass a bit of the company’s history, as well as details of what the job responsibilities are. In doing so, this provides a potential employee with some knowledge of the company, an understanding of the mission statement, as well as what their responsibilities would entail. Below is a sample of how my job description for Starbucks would read.
The Starbucks Corporation is an international coffee company that was founded in Seattle, Washington ( With 19,435 stores in 58 countries, it is the largest coffeehouse chain company in the world; Starbucks sells a variety of hot and cold drinks. These include espresso
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They should have centralized all decision making by removing power from the branch managers and return it to the corporate leadership. That leadership would then be in charge of reinventing and revitalizing the company’s product to society. They could then effectively review the most and least successful orders throughout the company as a whole. By using that data, and creating one company wide menu, it would allow for a more stable and customer friendly experience as each customer will know from store to store what is offered. There would be no questions as to what style branch they are walking into. Centralizing the decision making would help to unite each branch and establish the company to being a finally tuned chain that can withstand and adapt to every changing societal and economic challenges.
To continue off of the centralizing of decision making, the company should also consider a more mechanistic organizational structure. This is a setup that is used effectively by companies such as McDonald’s as the company has a process in place to generate just the right amount of burger patties, fries and soda syrup for each branch to run smoothly. With Starbucks implementing a structure such as this, it would allow for each manager to have a centralized oint of contact for all goods. This, in turn, will lessen the burden for each branch to find their own product vendor. It will
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