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MGT 448 Final Exam / 100% correct answers 1. While workers in manufacturing industries are considered to be vulnerable to the negative effects of globalization, workers in service industries are relatively secure. a. True b. False 2. Which of the following was set up to promote economic development globally? a. World Bank b. International Monetary Fund c. United Nations d. World Trade Organization 3. Companies hope to lower their overall cost structure or improve the quality or functionality of their product offering which allows them to compete more effectively by engaging in a. predatory…show more content…
mergers and acquisitions are quicker to execute than greenfield investments. b. foreign firms are acquired because those firms have valuable strategic assets. c. they believe they can increase the efficiency of the acquired unit by transferring capital, technology, or management skills. d. there is evidence that most mergers and acquisitions realize more than anticipated gains. 18. Which of the following is NOT a factor that drives the shift to services in recent times? a. Reflects the general move in many developed economies away from manufacturing and toward service industries. b. Many services can be traded internationally. c. Many countries have liberalized their regimes governing FDI in services. d. Rise of Internet-based global telecommunications networks has allowed some service enterprises to relocate some of their value-creation activities to different nations. 19. The Single European Act committed EU countries to adopt a single currency, the euro. a. True b. False 20. The level of economic integration is highest in a a. common market. b. political union. c. customs union. d. free trade area. 21. An economic union involves all of the following EXCEPT a. free flow of products and factors of production between member countries.

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