MGT 4481 Chapter 1-2 Discussion Questions

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MGT 4481 March 29, 2012 Discussion Questions from Chapter 1 and 2 Chapter 1 1. Relate a hiring experience you have had as a job seeker to the process illustrated in Figure 1-1. What could the organization you applied to have done to improve your experience? Many years ago I applied for a job I learned about by word of mouth. I was instructed to contact the supervisor of the position I was seeking in order to set up an interview. I interviewed with the supervisor, and met the qualifications he had for the job, and he told me he would contact me at a future date to formally offer the job. After a few weeks, I had heard nothing. I contacted the supervisor who conducted the interview, only to find out another applicant had…show more content…
If an employee or potential employee knows an employer conducts their business with integrity, that employee is more likely to follow the example set once he/she is hired. Finally, is a potential employee feels he/she has been treated fairly during the hiring process, he/she is more likely follow that principle into the workplace. Employees who view the employer as fair will usually feel better about the work environment knowing the employer will act with fairness across the board, regardless of rank, title, or job description. 2. What is the difference between treating employees as assets and as investors? When is appropriate for an organization to treat employees as investors? When is it appropriate for an organization to treat job applicants and employees as assets? Employers who view employees as assets generally have in mind the goal of getting the job done as cheaply as possible, much in the way a firm would seek to purchase equipment (get the best vehicle for deliveries and at the lowest price). Employers who view employees as investors create more of a “team” atmosphere, where the employees work towards the organization’s mission/goals by investing their time and resources in exchange for pay and benefits. It is appropriate to view employees as investors when the firm’s goal is to give employees a return on their personal investment (time, resources, and energy)
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