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Week 2 Knowledge Check Concepts Mastery Score: 12/12 Questions Strategies for SWOT Analyses 100% 1 2 3 Strategic and Operational Plans 100% 4 5 6 Differentiate Between Goals and Plans 100% 7 8 9 Examples of Contingency Factors in Planning 100% 10 11 12 Concept: Strategies for SWOT Analyses Concepts Mastery Strategies for SWOT Analyses 100% Questions 1 2 3 1. As a process of self-examination during her senior year of college, Casey decides to develop a SWOT analysis of her prospects relative to getting a job. Casey realizes that she has a personal characteristic that suggests she is not comfortable interacting with strangers. She…show more content…
Planning D. Operations Correct! The correct answer is: C. Plans outline how goals will be achieved. Many organizations have an annual planning process that helps outline how the organization will achieve its annual or strategic goals. 8. Goals are different from plans because ________. A. goals identify specific steps that the organization needs to achieve, and plans identify the overall mission of the organization B. goals describe financial objectives, and plans describe objectives related to social responsibility C. goals are important only for small companies, and plans are important only for large companies D. goals are desired outcomes, and plans describe how those outcomes will be accomplished Correct! The correct answer is: D. Goals are desired outcomes. Managers use goals as a guide when creating plans. The plans outline how managers will accomplish the set goals. 9. Most company goals can be classified as either ________ or ________. A. operational; tactical B. social; economic C. strategic; financial D. strategic; operational Correct! The correct answer is: C. When companies set goals they want to be sure those goals do not just focus on company profits. A single goal pertaining to profits may result in unethical behaviors. Companies want to have multiple goals that not only improve business but motivate employees. Most company goals are either strategic or financial because financial goals are related to

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