MGT 522 Team Project 2

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Professor Collins
MGT 522
Team Project – The Nursing Shortage
Team Leader for this week: Pai Liu Team members:
Jun Sun
Adlinmahima Selvanayagam
Precila Rodrigues
Calin Tudor Vadana

The ad for Nurse Hiring:

1.Based on information available on the hospital’s website, create a hard-copy ad for the hospital to place in the Sunday edition of the New York Times. Which (geographic) editions of the Times would you use and why?
The hospital needs to hire nurses. There are several Nurse position need recruitment, since the ad will be placed in the Sunday edition of the New York Times, it is impossible to post the ad for each nursing position hiring, the best way is to post a broad advertisement
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It is very hard to find the actual physical address for the human resource department of the hospital. This street address does not make clear for the applicant who is visiting their website.
Third, the links to the website are jumbled, after reviewing the information on the website of the hospital, we can learn that the hospital is belonged to the Northshore LIJ system; when an applicant clicks the job posting page on the website. The screen will jump to another website(the Northshore LIJ system website); applicants may get confused when they first visit the job posting applying page.
The website should first display a sort of attractive or eye-catching information in the most conspicuous part of the web page, the hospital should provide a link for the interested nurses to apply their job.
Then, according to Dessler, “is the procedure through which you determine the duties of the positions and the characteristics of the people to hire for them” (Dessler, 2013). They need to add some specific job analysis, on their website, they even do not have details of the job descriptions and job specifications. They could introduce the duties of the job, the schedule of working, and requirements such as a basic education diploma or working experiences. Some hospitals, when they recruiting people that they require candidates have one or more especially skills or requirements for nursing. For example, some of nursing posting requires
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