MGT Strategic Planning at the Chribicle Gazette Essay

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Introduction P.1
The United States Newspaper Industry Today P.2
Factors Causing the Decline in Business P.3
Competitors Cope With the Challenges P.5
Steps to be taken by The Chronicle Gazette P.6
Conclusion P.9
References P.10

The Chronicle Gazette is considered one of the most successful newspaper publisher throughout the years in New York Society. As a leading newspaper in the industry,
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Nevertheless their neutral and independent sometime still have conflicts with the Government.

The common and frequent of the Internet and Smartphone used by people steady decline the sale of newspaper. With the latest technology, new media platforms and devices can easily take away traditional printed media reader. Make use of a computer at home or in the office, they can have real-time news information coverage and don’t forget their service is free of charge. Furthermore, the cost of production to maintain and operate a website in the internet is much more economic compare to a printed newspaper.

As identified by Mr. Michael E. Porter (Porter’s Model) in1979, the five forces that determine the competitive landscape of industry and market are definitely true. For example, new substitute product (latest media platform-website) has entered the market. This new entrant increases the bargaining power of buyers and substitute the traditional newspaper industry. With the easy


availability of free online service, young generation newspaper readers decline as lifestyle alter the way of their reading habbit. Some publishers have set up their own websites and modified their business tactic to increase subscription. Some publishers even provided free complementary copies to attract new customers. Environmental protection is also a concern, most publishers are now using recycle paper, this material is more expensive than ordinary paper which
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