MGT411 week2 Annotated Bibliog Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Gilbert Juarez
MGT 411
NOV 18, 2014
Professor Martha Alcala
Annotated Bibliography
Article One:
McConnell, C. R. (2007). The Healthcare Managers Human Resource Handbook (1st ed.). Retrieved from UOPX
Although this was a Human Resource Management book the topics related to organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training all tie in to innovation and management process. With strategic management and innovation being a vital component to a company’s success, the topics that were discussed in the book provided great contents
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The author’s outlook on new tactics and well as old tactics allows him to see what has worked in the past but also help him develop new ideas from those previous case studies.
Article Three:
Barsh, J., Capozzi, M., & Davidson, J. (2008). Leadership and Innovation. McKinsey Quarterly; Retrieved from UOPX. The study looks in-depth at the direct effect of new ideas on the progress of any business. The study focused on trying to look past the overt benefits like profit, dividends, revenues etc. that a new business model would bring to a striving organization. The study researched into the adaptability of many of these companies interest into entering the always changing local and international markets, and also what steps that would need from each model to be successful in doing so. It also showed that trust is part of making strong business sense also spoke of developing more business links and better understanding of standard principles were fostered by the incorporation of new ideas into any business. This study was useful in the sense that it uses a business model which allows companies to follow a business plan and not to go into a major business idea without a sound thought process.
In an always changing economic state that we constantly find ourselves in the world, business and organizations are digging deeper into the wells

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