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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: STRATEGIC CHOICES AND IMPLEMENTATION Trident University Mrs. Carmen M. Pérez-De La Matta Module 5 - Case MGT499 - Strategic Management Professor: Dr. Alan Preizer October 1, 2014 CASE ASSIGNMENT STRATEGIC CHOICES AT HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR COMPANY To complete Module 5 Case Assignment, read the information in the background material, look for more information and review some of your previous readings for this class, and then write a 4- to 5-page report for your professor and the executives of H-D Corporation by answering the following questions: What strategy (or combination of strategies) did Harley-Davidson use to become such a successful organization? To what extent has Harley-Davidson's strategy (or…show more content…
Using the low-cost strategy (Porter's) model Harley-Davidson through Buell Motorcycle saw the opportunity to create low maintenance motorcycles that were better for the environment and its price tag was appealing to customer, this was done through the cost leadership strategy. Through this opportunity to increase production while lowering the unit cost price creating benefit for both companies (Wikipedia, n.d.). TO WHAT EXTENT HAS HARLEY-DAVIDSON'S STRATEGY (OR COMBINATION OF STRATEGIES) CHANGED OVER THE YEARS, OR BEEN CONSTANT? Harley-Davidson business strategy is relating towards making decisions that are vital for market brand dominance with the targeted audience. The decision approach will give the information strategies used to improve sales forecast objectives. Over the years Harley-Davidson re-invent their strategies to adapt to market changes and improve efficiency in the manufacturing design and safety features. Harley-Davidson has used the cost leadership strategy through the alliances with other corporation when there is an opportunity to lower the cost of production for a given level of quality and gain market share through the sales in large quantities targeting broad markets (QuickMBA, 2010). Harley-Davidson customized motorcycles depending on the customer needs and wants which offers unique attributes that are valued by customers

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