MHR 405 SELF REALIZATION Essay examples

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CMHR405 - Winter, 2014
Harieshan Kandiah
April 6, 2014

Self assessments have been used widely in recent decades. The usefulness and truthfulness of these assessments depend entirely upon the user. Utilizing a self assessment tool for the betterment of self is the goal of this report. In this report, I have completed 3 different self assessments to analyze myself. The first assessment that will be discussed is the Jung Personality Test. The next one will be the Team Role Preference Survey followed by the Work Locus of Control Survey. Each of these surveys focuses on various behavioural and personality traits. The Jung Personality Test focuses on four principal physiological
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The 10 I got in this category accurately describes me, because I tend to be actively involved in discussions and trying to get everyone's ideas heard. As a gatekeeper, I encourage and facilitate participation within the group to ensure all team members contribute to the project. I feel the 12 that I got in this category accurately represents me because I am always trying to get everyone involved. As a harmonizer, I manage the group discussions and mediate conflicts while reducing tension. The 12 I got in this category is accurate of me because I manage the group discussion while ensuring conflicts do not erupt. As an initiator, I am efficient in setting group goals and looking for ways to work on these goals. This leadership role describes me somewhat because I do like to take charge when possible. As a summarizer with a 12, I feel that taking notes and summarizing meetings fits me well. I found this to be a surprise because summarizers usually tend to be non-leaders. I generally opt for a more leadership oriented position. The theory behind this test has helped me understand more about myself in terms of fitting in within a group environment. I found that I would fit best within the roles of gatekeeper and harmonizer, which aren't surprising. "According to self-assessment feedback on personality, the key motivation that drives my behavior is to be respected, to be academically qualified, and to

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