MHR 523: HR Individual Case 1

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Individual Case Analysis #1 –Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd.: An Exercise in Job Analysis

Preparation for Job Analysis

Lance failed to first familiarize himself with Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd (MLS), which is important as job analysis procedures are affected by an organization’s character. In addition, as MLS is a unionized organization, Lance should have taken measures to ensure that job analysis steps meet various provisions of the collective agreement between the management and the unions. He could also have studied industry and government reports (Schwind, Das, Wagar, Fassina & Bulmash, 2013, p. 52) on Human Resource management (HRM) positions first to collect information on HR management and the factors for job success.

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Use of Information

The president of MLS emphasized greatly on looking beyond today’s needs. Therefore, Lance should focus on the future in writing job descriptions and specifications, led by current and prospective needs rather than past actions. (Schwind, Das, Wagar, Fassina & Bulmash, 2013, p. 75) For example, in job specifications (Schwind, Das, et al, 2013, p. 63), Lance should include human characteristics such as “able to build rapport with employees and managers in other departments” and “able to work well in teams” to ensure that HR decisions are made collectively after discussions between the HR and other departments. Other characteristics include “motivated to initiate and influence change” to lead the HR department in switching from a support to a leadership and developmental role. The new HR manager should also be “tough yet diplomatic” to deal with aggressive trade unions, which helps MLS cut labor costs by firing unnecessary employees while maintaining union-management relations.

Lance should also engage in redesigning the job of the HR manager. Job design is the process of assigning tasks to a job, including the interdependency of those tasks with other jobs. (Schwind, Das, et al, 2013, p. 68) This is applicable to the case as it mentions a lack of continuity

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