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Activity 1.4.3: Life of an Epidemiologist Epidemiology defined: The basic science of public health in which the causing factor, population, frequency, and relevant intervention is found in the case of an outbreak. Epidemiology: Education: Master’s degree is required Training: no on the job training is required, but is recommended to observe Typical salary: $63,010 per year Other: Epidemiologists work in health departments, offices, universities, and laboratories. Some do fieldwork to conduct interviews and collect samples for analyses. Cholera: Causes: Cholera is caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. The bacteria releases a toxin that causes increased release of water from cells in the intestines, which produces severe…show more content…
6. Warned citizens not to consume the water from that pump. Task 1: 1. Is there a contaminant? 2. Was there a certain group of people exposed to this contaminant? 3. Is the contaminant what’s causing the outbreak, or could there be other factors? 4. How many people were exposed? 5. Can any link be found between the exposure and the illness? The evidence used in order to find out if the cases are connected would be the groups of people exposed to the contaminant. This in includes the amount of people, and their location. Task 2: To set up a case –control study of the link between smoking and elevated cholesterol levels, I would start by finding a group of people infected with the disease and a group of people without the disease. The groups would be the same age and gender. They would both be examined while going through daily life as usual, and then with changes implemented such as the smokers stopping for a day, or the unaffected group being exposed to the smoke and then tested for higher cholesterol levels. A cohort case would be set up by infected and non infected persons who have been expose to the risk factor or contaminant. The epidemiologist would follow both groups to find symptoms and differences between both groups to figure out how the smoke affected the cholesterol levels. Task 3: food Attack rate (%) Milk 65 Banana 64.5 Cheese Pizza 17 Chicken Nuggets 63 Potato Salad 81 Chocolate Pudding 64 Ice Cream Sandwich 61

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