MIA's Pop and Political Influences

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Whether it is on the clothes they wear, the way they talk or present themselves and on their beliefs or political stance there is always a different side of the story to it that one must look into to truly see why they decide to make these certain decisions. As for the Sri Lankan pop star M.I.A., also known as Maya, whom does whatever she pleases by designing her own clothing and writing her own music. M.I.A. develops a political stance on the Sri Lankan situation; and tries to let the public know of what is happening outside of the United States through her music. In my perspective I think Maya has done the best she could politically through her music and has sincerely demonstrated her efforts to promote certain causes. Maya is called many things but what she is called never gets in her way. In her article Politics and Pop Music, Laura Villasenin states:
She is praised for bringing a voice to the powerless, and commended for putting her fame on the line in order to support her cause that the world just doesn’t really care about. Her critics claim that she oversimplifies the situation in her people’s land, they say she is politically naïve. But despite her sometimes polarizing rhetoric, she is the only artist out there who has gone above and beyond for the sake of the human rights and civil liberties.
Given this information, yes, she may seem politically naïve to certain people but Maya has done as much as she…
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