MIBC 104: A Brief Note On Political Culture And Politics

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MIBC 104 – Political Science
Unit 2 Assignment

Write a one page document covering the following:
• Define political culture.
Political Culture is the set of attitudes, sentiments and beliefs which gives order and meaning to political process and which provides the underlying assumptions and rules that govern behavior in the political system.
• Research political culture in the United States and share at least 2 items.
1. The American Dream – Capitalism, the fact that people has an equal opportunity to wealth is a worldwide belief. People from all over the world believes that America is a land of opportunity and any one can get wealthy and has the right to live a financially stable life. Compared to a lot of countries this may be true. Life here is not as easy but it is possible. People has rights to
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Equality – The American citizens has the right to be equal opportunity. The fact everyone has equal rights as human beings and legally there should not be discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or race. This might not always be true looking at the statistics, there is a gender imbalance in the corporate world, but this is due to human psychology, the law is there and if an issue arises then people can take legal actions if they feel that they have been discriminated in any way.

• Does political culture affect politics? How? Or why not?
Political culture does effect politics. As the attitude and beliefs of people is what shapes the rules and regulations of the state or country as whole, it is important that the politicians work towards the goals that people believe in. According to our rules and regulations people has the right to vote and they will agree or disagree on any laws that is passed and in order to get the votes and politicians usually look at the current political culture and design their political view from there.

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