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Chapter 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. An invention that provoked a new idea of adulthood was: (4) a. The combustible engine b. The telephone c. The printing press *** d. The computer 2. In the 17th century two people who thought that children should be treated with thought and care were: (5) a. Locke and Rousseau *** b. Rogers and Maslow c. Dixon and Binet d. Freud and Freud 3. Adults may underestimate children’s ability to: (7) a. Learn b. Problem-solve c. Recognize reality d. All of the above *** 4. Family conditions that promote resilience include: (11) a. few alternative caretakers. b. older mothers for resilient males. c. opportunities to participate*** d. a strong sense of political commitment. 5. According to your…show more content…
(13) a. provide opportunities for self-discipline b. provide clear expectations c. encourage them to participate in useful social tasks d. all of the above *** TRUE/FALSE 1. The costs to society of failing its children are huge. (T) 2. Children's views are rarely heard and rarely considered in the political process. (T) 3. The actions, or inactions, of government impact children less than any other group in society. (F) 4. Children are largely unaware of what is happening politically and economically in the world. (F) 5. A child's world is for the most part carefree, with little pressure other than that of schoolwork. (F) 6. Normal child development brings with it a variety of tasks such as achieving independence and forming basic values. (T) 7. Children in today's world are more "protected" than earlier generations and are not expected to mature as quickly or make critical decisions as early. (F) 8. The resilience approach to understanding children provides one example of looking at the deficiencies of human beings (F) 9. Children, as well as adults, need to be treated as worthwhile individuals who can think and behave responsibly in order to build strong self-esteem. (T) 10. Accreditation standards and states laws govern the certification and licensure of counselors and psychologists. (T) 11. Graduate programs that meet the accreditation requirements of CACREP are 48 semester hours. (T) SHORT ANSWER 1. Explain the fundamental
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