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MINECRAFT PROJECT OOSE X12116459 Bruno Aguiar Jorge X11104821 Anderson Cahet Introduction In order to reinforce the knowledge acquired in class we were asked to develop a software system for a game. The aim of this project is to introduce the design of a cloud based game for children; the trigger for the problem is based on Minecraft. Methods of software design were used to meet the criteria and implement the system. The first step for designing a software system is to identify its actor; in Minecraft game two actors were identified, these actors somehow interact with the system, in the following lines the actors will be presented and their interaction with the system will be shown in form of use case. Actors: Players…show more content…
FIGURE 1 USE CASE DIAGRAM In the diagram below is it possible to check how the actors interaction with the Minecraft System FIGURE 2 CONCEPTUAL CLASS DIAGRAM The class diagrams show the attributes, operation, class name sand also the associations that in this example is a bi-directional association with the multiplicity in each point where it can be: 0..1 Zero or one 1.1 One only 0..n Zero or more n Zero or more 1..n One or more FIGURE 3 GLOSSARY FIGURE 4 SYSTEM SEQUENCE CLASS DIAGRAM FIGURE 5 CONTRACT FIGURE 6 COLLABORATION DIAGRAM The UML Collaboration diagram bellow was created in order to model how the objects involved in the Minecraft scenario interact with each other and their job is to instantiate the class of the system. The objects are connected by links; the links represent an instance of the association between the classes. The messages are exchanged between the objects to specify what the steps of the interaction are. Communication explained step by step: Step 1 – players enter their credentials in order to login Step 2 – the system verify if the credentials are correct Step3 - if credentials are correct the game starts Step4 - system message credentials are not correct Step 5 – start of the game is denied Step 6 – device writes on the screen create an account FIGURE 7 COMPONENT DIAGRAM The structure of the software is modelled and presented in the component
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