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Transition and Implementation of CRM Sales Force Automation Managerial Applications of Information Technology—MIS 535 Devry University, Keller Graduate School of Management June 16, 2013 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Company Background 3 Business Problems 4 High-Level Solution 5 Business/Technical Approach 7 Business Process Changes 8 Conclusion and Overall Recommendations 9 High-Level Implementation Plan 9 Summary of Project 10 References 12 Abstract This proposal will discuss all key aspects needed to ensure a seamless transition and implementation of an automated sales force CRM, or Customer Relationship…show more content…
However, taking a step back, and looking at the big picture of the entire healthcare world, having a unified or uniform CRM platform, will be better served for the end user; the patient. While this transition will obviously benefit the company, as mentioned, it will have adverse effects on the patient’s outcome. By having a uniform canvas to share best practice information, to share evolving patient care and treatment information and to share critical data for research and development, this uniform CRM system can be what drives the trends needed for organizations to focus on and develop the products and tools, needed to keep up with the emerging and ever changing market. From an organizational and profitability standpoint, an efficient, easy to use, and unified CRM system, captures all key and critical data from sales and marketing to commercial operations, all the while focusing on sales process, sales efficiencies, and increasing sales, all contributing to the bottom-line profitability of the organization. Data has proven that CRM platforms increase the productivity and profitability of individual departments and subsidiaries, these same platforms and characteristics will have the same ramifications on a larger scale organization, especially an organization that spans the global footprint, such as

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