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MIS 535

Obtaining a System that Localizes all Information into a
Single Computing System at
Sytox Systems



Sytox Systems is an enterprise company that uses Cloud Computing as its main market front to obtain market share and equity value. In this company it has many different product offerings in virtualization software such as desktop and client applications to allow users to work from any location. This can be at home, at their child’s school, and even at a doctor’s office. It also has multiple hardware appliances which it creates and this manufacturing environment uses many different tools to access its on-time shipment details, return material authorization information, and
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This application provides advanced sales analytics to leverage pipeline analysis, predictive analytics and deal risk analysis to increase revenue and optimize sales process from lead to customer success. Interactive dashboards make consumable dashboards with comprehensive data visualization capabilities and customizable user interactivity. It can deploy accurate metrics across the organization. Will also allow for data discovery to happen where the manufacturing organization can navigate large and complicated datasets with unprecedented agility and find answers to many difficult business questions in an instant.
General Benefits
Obtaining a single software application makes business work on a day-to-day time frame easier for upper management to define and work around. Typically turn over time of inventory is up to 25 day turns at current status. This means that it would take almost a month to sell all the inventory that is held and inventory which is held past it’s usefulness is scrapped and hence missed revenue is held against this material. There is no cost analysis of the data material, which is being held by the manufacturing information. If they are able to get an analysis of this data and obtain a 4-5% cost reduction per quarter on all material from their suppliers as a whole it would be great, currently there is no action around this. Finally, Return Material Authorization (RMA) material is returned at a 50% return rate over a 90-day
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