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1. In your opinion, what is the purpose of our dropping the transmit power to such a low level? Changing the transmit power will affect the range of which the access point can broadcast. When surrounded by multiple access points their broadcast can cross into other access points paths; lowering the transmit power inhibits the access points broadcast from crossing into another keeping interference down. 2. What do access point connectivity statistics collected for the roaming station show? Access connectivity statistics graph shows that the access point did not loose connection when using the timer for the whole 30 secs. 3. What do you think the Wireless LAN control traffic received by the roaming…show more content…
CTS-to-self uses less overhead and is also used with B devices to aid in avoiding collisions while aiding the AP from not having its transmissions disrupted. 8. What is the “protection” scheme talked about in the standard? In short, how do 11g nodes know that an 11b node is associating and how is CCK involved? The Protection scheme is used for listening to what node is on the channel that is broadcasting, the protection scheme RTS/CTS will send a broadcast out to advise that nodes are using a specific channel; CTS over DSSS is specifically used with B nodes to prevent collision on the same channel. Mixed nodes cannot use the same channel simultaneously without collision detection. 9. In addition to the added overhead of the RTS/CTS scheme, what else causes the drop in throughput you see? Are there other factors that can affect the throughput? Hidden nodes will cause a drop in throughput. Hidden nodes are stations that can hear a common AP but cannot hear each other. Hidden nodes will cause collisions because the stations cannot tell if other stations are using the same channel preventing them from waiting their turn to broadcast hence the need for RTS/CTS. 10. In situations where 802.11g and 802.11b are coexisting, what steps might you take to minimize the impact of the presence of the legacy nodes? Options to minimize the impact of legacy nodes on the netork include using AP that

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