MIS Assessment

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MIS Assessment The author of this paper is asked to respond to a number of different questions relative to MIS departments and the events/reactions that can occur. The author will first assess what an MIS department does and how this helps manage internal operations and decisions. The author is asked to offer a problem that an MIS department would create the solution for. Next, an evaluation of computer crimes and breaches will be managed and dealt with. What MIS Departments Do The MIS department of a business has the task of assembling the hardware and software of a company so that information can be stored, managed and harnessed to assist with and improve the overall daily operations and performance of a firm. This would include the providing and maintenance of workstations, loading and maintaining of data/applications servers, maintaining the network routers, cabling and other infrastructure that connects all the pieces and management of all of the data sets involve including file storage, databases, the software programs that use all of that information and the coordination of how the systems all interact. Example Business Problem A good example business problem that would have at least part (if not all) of its solution in information technology would be notifying customers of shipments of their orders. Great examples of companies that deal with this every day would be Amazon, Old Navy and NewEgg. Basically, any company that entirely or at least largely
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