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The following information is a description of how to use the information system used to run the Digby Company. This system includes past data and formulas that will be used to make future decisions by Digby. The document includes descriptions of all the worksheets on the information system, which are:
1. Main Page
2. Segment Data
3. Research and Development
4. Marketing
5. Production
6. Finance
7. TQM
8. Human Resources
Our information used to create this MIS system was all found on at This includes all tables and charts used to create any formulas provided.
1. Charts- This system relies heavily on using tables and charts to find
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Also included is the industry data for each product in every segment. This allows for employees to easily access crucial statistics easily without having to search for them.
3. Research and Development- This spreadsheet includes everything for Digby’s current products as far as the perceptual map is concerned. Information shown includes performance and size of each product, and also revision date along with the total cost. Once again, this allows for the company to look back on previous costs and positioning points of previous decisions.
4. Marketing- The marketing section includes formulas for forecasting, starting awareness, new awareness, and potential sales if the company didn’t stock out. These formulas are simple to use and allow for decisions to be made without much hassle. Simply plugging numbers in from previous rounds can help predict sales and other marketing decisions.
5. Production- This spreadsheet includes first a chart containing all the production data from the previous year including plant utilization, units sold, unit inventory, etc. Included is an ROI formula which is to be used when buying automation.
6. Finance- The finance section includes income statements, balance sheets, statement of cash flows, and an overall financial summary. All the formulas needed to assist decision making such as return

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