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MISM2301 - Exam 1 Study Guide To succeed in the exam, please be familiar with the following topics: 1. The Input-Process-Output model for information processing systems – a. The difference between data and information -[Data]: elementary description of things but not organized to convey specific meaning -[Information]: Data that has been organized so that they have meaning and value to the recipient -DataàProcessing (Retrieve(检索)/Calculate/Transmit)àInformation b. Three levels of processing: (1) transaction processing, (2) management and control, and (3) innovation, planning, and learning Transaction Processing: Management and Control: Innovation, Planning and Learning: • Data entered & edited • Data stored • Computations performed •…show more content…
Standalone systems and the client-server architecture Man Program IS Architecture -Standalone systems: The system does not the capability to communicate with other computers. Text Files Finance IS Text Files Text Files - Owned by each application - Unique format - Can’t share with each other Marketing IS Text Files -Client-server architecture: Serversàlocated in data center (1000s of work stations) A common architecture for telecommunications One software program (the client) requests and receives data and sometimes instructions from another program (the server) running on a separate computer 3 3. Little Man Program a. The ability to identify a sequence of commands for performing a certain calculation task Inbox Outbox GET Calculator Mailbox (No.0-99) (Only contains 1 number) (One No. of mailbox only contains 1 number) STORE PUT PUT LOAD/ADD/SUBTRACT Commands: • • • • • • GET: get info from the inbox, put it into the calculator PUT: write the number in the calculator and put on a paper and put it in outbox STORE: move data from calculator to the designed mailbox, such as No. 50 LOAD: move data from mailbox to the calculator ADD: add number written on the paper in the mailbox to the number that currently in calculator SUB: subtract number written on the paper in the mailbox to the
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