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Outcome 5 Assessment One For change to be managed within Alphabet Games, management must first be able to understand what the causes, impact and consequences are. The cause for change within Alphabet Games is that is not able to compete with competitors such as Sony and Microsoft and consumer demands are changing. This is due to the front loading costs giving these companies the upper hand in software development. The impact if Alphabet Games don't change will be that they will lose market share and profits and this could in turn lead to job loses within the company. The consequence will eventually be the closure of the company as it was unable to compete or diversify there products. Alphabet Games are using an action centered…show more content…
And if negotiations were to be carried out Alphabet Games may have to modify their proposed changes. This would take even more time, money and it may not even be feasible for Alphabet Games to adapt their changes to stakeholder needs. Educative Strategy This will involve the changing of peoples values. As there is a need to align the principles and ethos within Alphabet Games training and educating would be a good move. This would also educate staff in the need for change within Alphabet Games and they would be more prepared to accept the changes within the company. Although this is a good strategy for Alphabet Games it could use more resources and take a long time. Participative Strategy This approach will involve all those that will be affected by change. If individuals within Alphabet Games participate in the changes being made fro the start then they will be more supportive of the changes needed. This strategy will also be beneficial to Alphabet Games as the individuals will also have the opportunity to learn from this experience, increasing their knowledge and skills. This will provide Alphabet Games with an elite group of employees that will increase the effectiveness of the company during and after the change transition. However this process is extremely slow, expensive and may be too complex for managers. Two Three Within a company there are
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