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MK2 SERVICES MARKETING COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT QUESTION “Develop a service blueprint for an organization in the hospitality service industry of your choice” Development Steps; - Decide on the company’s service or service process to be blueprinted and the objective. - Determine who should be involved in the blueprinting process - Modify the blueprinting technique (if required) - Map the service as it happens most of the time. - Be sure customers remain the focus - Track insights that emerge for future action - Develop recommendations and future actions based on blueprinting goals - If desired, create final blueprints for use within the organization Guidelines Attention: It is a must to submit your coursework for…show more content…
|15% | | |Representative portrayal of organization service delivery process |10% | | |Comprehensives of blueprint (lines labeled, arrows depict flow of activity on customer and | | | |employee action and other support processes. | | | |Quality of conclusions and recommendations |15% | | |Originality |15% | | |Attempts original research and analysis, creative and challenging insights with balanced | | |
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