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The Final Exam includes six questions to be answered. The first one is to develop a comprehensive case analysis of Cerner Corp using your personal knowledge of information you have learned in the class relative to the marketing and the six core outcomes presented in the syllabus and listed below:

1. Explain the importance of the marketing mix.
2. Describe and analyze the marketing management functions.
3. Explain the elements of a marketing plan.
4. Describe the stages of the product life cycle.
5. Explain and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of entering international markets.
6. Explain the impact of e-commerce on the marketing functions.

Your case analysis should demonstrate your ability to analyze alternative growth
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An Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Since our founding, Neal Patterson, Cliff Illig and Paul Gorup have focused on a single idea: building an industry-leading healthcare company by creating unmatched value for our clients. Among the pivotal moments in our history was the creation of Cerner Millennium, the first person-centric, unified information architecture. Now, as we look out across the healthcare horizon, Cerner continues to push boundaries by ushering in a new generation of intelligent medical devices, broadening our client community around the globe, leveraging clinical and pharmaceutical data for new discoveries and collaborating with employers to address administrative friction.

All together, Cerner is collaborating with our clients to put a system in healthcare, strengthen clinical practice and find entrepreneurial ways to solve healthcare’s great challenges.

Cerner Client Case: St. James Hospital - Transforming patient care with technology

St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland’s largest acute general teaching hospital has transformed patient care, substantially improved efficiency and laid the foundation for a full electronic patient record (EPR) after implementing Cerner technology.

Installed in June 2006, the Cerner EPR
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