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1. How does cultural diversity affect marketing? By creating a need for new marketing technologies By requiring tailored marketing strategies By creating a need for changes in the legal environment of marketing By defining ethical issues in marketing
2. What element should marketing managers consider when scanning the competitive environment? Transfer price Supply chain management Reciprocity Substitute products
3. A group of producers of a particular product decided to all raise prices together and they were accused of overcharging consumers. Which federal law would have allowed the United States government to investigate this unfair method of competition? Sherman Antitrust Act Consumer Product Safety Act Robinson-Patman Act
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A firm wants to expand its marketing efforts. Which market segmentation criteria should be considered? Measurable purchasing power and size of the segment
Diversity of various ethnic groups within the segment
Growth of sponsorships within the segment
Alternative production strategies within the segment
15. Which types of marketing are common positioning strategies? Transaction based and customer based marketing Competitor based and application based marketing Supply chain and channel marketing
Consumer behavior research and business-to-business marketing
16. Which research methods are used by marketing researchers to collect primary data?
Observation, surveys, and controlled experiments
Population, physiological sampling, psychographic sampling
Quality revisions, visualizations and demographic studies
Library research, data polling, and queuing experiments
17. A food company plans to cut back on advertising fatty and sugary foods to children and to add new logos to its foods and drinks that highlight more nutritional offerings.
Which type of ethical issue is this company considering? Place Ethics Product Ethics Price Ethics
Promotional Ethics
18. A firm conducts market research to analyze consumers' perceptions of a product relative to other brands.
Which type of strategy is this? Market development strategy
Product positioning strategy
Product diversification strategy
Market penetration

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