MKT 421 Week 5 Individual Assignment Environmental Factors Paper

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Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors
MKT/421 Marketing
November 16, 2010


Environmental Factors


Environmental Factors
Environmental Factors can affect businesses and have an impact on marketing decisions.
The organization that was chosen for the environmental factors paper was Coca-Cola. This company’s major marketing decisions are impacted by environmental factors. This paper is intended to address the forecasts of high level global and domestic environmental factors that may impact the company’s marketing decisions and will also address the forecasts of technological change that will affect the organizations marketing decisions. An analysis of the influence of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
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By developing new

Environmental Factors


products to suit customer’s needs, Coca-Cola was able to make a positive step forward in their market. The soft drink company employees a large number of individuals in plants nationwide both domestic and global. The organization also invests millions into China’s economy.
According to the article, Coca-Cola supports 400,000 jobs in China through retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors.
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was passed in 1977 to prohibit bribery of foreign officials. Coca-Cola is a major soft drink company with ties to many countries. With the reputation of the company the organization must be protected from illegal acts such as bribery.
The company must also follow local, national, and international laws. Coca-Cola must adhere to the laws of the country if they plan to remain a supplier in the country (Shankar, Ormiston,
Bloch & Schaus, 2009).
Coca-Cola uses many promotional methods to attract the consumer. With the Coke rewards program customers are able to enjoy a beverage and have a chance to win merchandise at the same time. Although Coca-Cola is a well known successful company, marketing mistakes do occur. In the marketing phase, when determining if Coca-Cola should revisit China, more research should have been done to determine the number of people in China who actually drink the beverage. The company could have saved money

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