MKT 421 Wk 4. Blue Ocean Strategy

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Blue Ocean Strategy Paper Shelbia Whitfield MKT 421October 21, 2014 Jean Papaj Blue Ocean Strategy Paper Establishments are not eternally remaining on the market in a productive way. It is normal to find industries that make wise decisions, but there is also the possibility that the decisions taken have not been the best. The mission as marketing managers is to discover the wise decision that would mark not only within the industry, but also in the market with the purpose of repeating that decision in a clever and a systematic way. Redbox creates their new brainchild in 2002 McDonald's Ventures, LLC. The original idea was that two important services were combined in the movie rental…show more content…
Netflix markets however did not take this option and preferred to handle the situation through a continuous struggle with its competitors. The chances of achieving a winning strategy decrease with the number of competitors increases (, 2014). As a conclusion it is important to remark that an established brand as it was Netflix, failed to remain at the forefront and not continuously meet the needs of the consumers who demanded updates in accordance with technological communication updates that occurred. The company Netflix was slack and reactive rather than proactive as it should be this situation allowed Redbox took hold of a huge market. On the other hand, the blue waters can go turning into red over time, as other companies may feel very attracted to the new market opportunities that have opened. Works Cited (2014, 06). Retrieved from Redbox. (2014). Retrieved from Redbox:

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