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MKT 571 FREE Final Exam Review with answer key I have been exactly where you are. Being so stressed out from Family, Work , Bills and other life issues. So I hope that these study guides really help you out. You can thank me at roguephoenix69 at facebook. 1. Another basis for decision-making is referred to as ethical practices ?? ethical dilemmas situational ethics correct ethics 2. New-to-the-world products are ________. existing products that are targeted to new geographical markets new product enhancements that supplement established products low-cost products designed to obtain an edge in highly competitive markets new products that create an entirely new market 3. A company can learn a great deal by…show more content…
13. The marketing manager needs to know the cost of the research project before approving it. During which stage of the marketing research process would such a consideration most likely take place? Step 5 – drafting the report Step 4 – analyzing the information Step 2 – developing the research plan Step 1 – defining the problem 14. What is the perceived monetary value of the bundle of economic, functional, and psychological benefits customers expect from a given market offering because of the product, service, people, and image? Total customer benefit Complete marketing benefit Ultimate service benefit Total management benefit 15. The effect of exposures on audience awareness depends on the following three factors: distance, timing, and focus space, communication, and advertisements height, length, and width reach, frequency, and impact 16. Which of the following can induce a firm to expand into the international arena? Cater to a domestic mass market A saturated foreign market High income level of domestic consumers A saturated domestic market 17. What are the four characteristics of a marketing audit? Comprehensive, systematic, independent, and periodic Announced, semi-annually, dependent, and perpetual Simple, unique, randomly, and exclusive Dependent, non-comprehensive, quarterly, and unannounced 18. With ________ as a target market

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