MKT 571 Week 3 Learning Team Deliverables Team A

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Learning Team Deliverables - Week 3
University of Phoenix

MKT 571
April 30, 2015
By marketing the iPhone to select markets, Apple has been able to provide a device that meets or exceeds the market’s needs. In this deliverable, Team A Consultants, have been asked to provide a new marketing plan to embrace social media to increase sales. Apple targets certain groups and seems okay with not trying to dominate the entire cell phone industry. By using websites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, Apple can reach college students, adults, and like-minded professionals. All of these websites listed above already provide a B2B model for advertising to include in-depth analysis of the market being reached
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Product Image is also an important factor when marketing to this age group. For teenagers brand is everything. Focusing on the exclusivity of the Apple iPhone with its various ways to enjoy music and stay connected will appeal to this group (Goodstein, 2007). College student will share some of the same wants and desires as teenagers. Product image, and being able to stay connected through social media and music are also important to this age group. College students are experiencing their first taste of adulthood as they leave the nest and go off to campuses or apartments for the first time. They need things to make this transition easier as well as tools to help them through their college coursework. Apple can appeal to this groups needs by placing strong emphasis on the iPhone’s ease of use and the multitude of iPhone specific apps useful for this age group.
Professionals are loyal to their brands, and there are many for them to choose from. Samsung, Blackberry, and Windows Phones are all popular with this group. Apple will need to focus on what sets the iPhone apart from these brands and why their product is superior. They should also appeal to this group's need for reliable products with excellent customer service. Professionals use their mobile phones to conduct business on the go. They need to know their product will not fail. If they do experience problems, they need to feel secure in the fact that Apple will provide the very best, fastest
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