MLA Annotated Bibliography Of Gandhi

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Tan-Khang N. Huynh Professor Barzaeger Intro to World Religions 6 December 2017 MLA Annotated Bibliography on Ghandi -- Social Justice and Religion Attenborough, Richard, director. Gandhi. Columbia Pictures, 1982. Gandhi is a biopic produced by Richard Attenborough whose lifelong dream was to make the story of the national independence leader’s life into a movie. The movie starts with Mohandas K. Gandhi, played by actor Ben Kingsley, rejecting all material possessions in pursuit of India’s independence. The storyline plays out to highlight important aspect of Gandhi’s life and ends with his assassination, where he utters the famous lines “Oh god.” Critics claim the movie is over exaggerated, however Attenborough does a fine job of bringing a visual of Gandhi’s life into Western eyes. In addition, what could be a bad thing ends up being a good thing for the layman who watches this movie. Attenborough oversimplifies Gandhi’s perspectives and ideas on social justice and religion, which leads to a very simple explanation of Gandhi’s philosophy. Friedman, Joseph S. (2008) "Mahatma Gandhi's Vision for the Future of India: The Role of Enlightened Anarchy," Penn History Review: Vol. 16: Iss. 1, Article 5. The article discusses how the future would look like if Gandhi’s philosophies and ideas were incorporated into different aspects of society, specifically the economic outlines, political state, and social/religious outlines of
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