MLB: Poem Analysis

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The Boys Who Want to Play in the MLB

Two boys named Josh and Harold were going to a Cardinals game. When they were walking down they saw a little poem that said,

You can never be a
Bad player, until
You tell
- Frank Fitzgerald
“Who is Frank Fitzgerald?” said Josh. “It says right here that Frank Fitzgerald was an
All-Star Legend, and played for 20 years in the MLB. He played for the Colorado Rockies, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Pittsburg Pirates, and the St. Louis Cardinals.” Said Harold.
“So, he was an All-Star legend who played for 4 teams!” “That’s what it says right here.” “The game is about to start. We got to go.” The announcer said,
“Well after another long season they lost again. The score and record for the Cardinals
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Since we play college. Do you want to ask Mike Matheny if he can watch us play just 1 game?”
Said Josh. “That’s not a bad idea. Let’s go ask him.” “Hey Mr. Mike-,” Mike interrupted them. “Call me Mike.” “Sorry sir. I mean Mike.
My name is Josh Sampson and this is my friend Harold Bukowski. We both play college baseball and we were wondering if you want to see us play just 1 game so, maybe we can play for your team?” Mike said in reply,
“If you guys have talent. Then sure, I’ll draft you.” “YES!” They both said. “Are next game is on October 24. So tomorrow.” “Yep, that will work.” “Thank you so much Mike. And it starts at 4:00 p.m.” The time right now is 3:47 p.m. so, they are starting in 13 minutes. “You see Mike?” Harold said, “Yeah just found him.” “Good.” The Sea Crabs win 7-0!
“That was a big victory.” Said Josh. “Boys!” said Mike. “I would like to see you both, play for my team.” “YES, YES, YES, YES!” They both said.
“Tryouts start in a few months.”
A few months later
“So, Mike said that if one of us make it. The other one will not. So, we both have to make it.” Josh said in reply,
“Yeah, we have got to make the team! Both of
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Hurry up!” Tryouts were over and Mike said to both of them, “I want both of you on our team. Josh, I’m offering you a 3-year deal for $900,000. Harold, Same deal except I’m paying you $1,000,000.” “Should we except it?” “Yes.” Said Josh. “We will except it!” They both said.
Mike said, “Ok. 1st game is in 2 weeks. I want you rookies to be there 2 hours before. You guys are not playing pre-season because the way you guys played was fantastic.”
2 Weeks later
“Hello guys I’m Nate Frankinhamburg, and today we got 2 new rookies their names are, Josh Sampson, and Harold Bukowski.
This is a new season! No mistakes! We can make the Postseason!” said the announcer. “We have to play tough today.
Bring it in. 1, 2, 3 Cardinals! Hey rookies! I have Josh batting 5th, and Harold batting 4th.” “That’s ok.” They both said. “We are underway here
At Busch
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